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Get unlimited online Doctor consultations

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DigiQure, along with its Clinic Management Software and Telemedicine Solution, provide an Online Doctor Consultation App for patients. DigiQure app allows users to connect with top specialist doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in just one tap. The app provides the best medical care facilities by the expert doctors located in various cities of India. Book appointments through the app and consult online with doctors anytime, anywhere.

Now access your digital health records at your fingertips. Users with DigiQure App can search Top Doctors in India and connect with them over Video Consultation. Users can get treatments for any concerns right from cold or flu, tooth pain, chronic pain, diabetes, skin problems through complex health conditions like gynae issues, heart problems, eye infection and more.

There’s more you can do with the DigiQure App like booking follow-ups, receiving medicine reminders, reading health articles, adding family profiles, etc. With the latest health blogs posted regularly by our medical experts, stay on top of the information on your health and well-being. Our health experts make sure you never miss on important health updates by posting health feeds regularly. You can read all health articles from phone, tablet or laptop.