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Who We Are

DigiQure is a Health-Tech product owned and marketed by IOTA Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 2018, it all started when three NIT-Bhopal alumni & friends collaborated to serve the greater good in India’s Healthcare Sector. 


Ensuring transparency in the treatment of patients, which is of paramount importance to us, DigiQure provides infrastructure to doctors and guidance to the patients, right from initial consultation through every stage of the treating cycle. 

Delivering Last Mile Healthcare Solutions

Software for Doctors

Aiding doctors with total care management, we @ DigiQure aim to help manage end-to-end clinical processes right from EHRs, Clinical Labs, Pharmacies, Imaging Centers and other constituents of the healthcare ecosystem. The software, apart from the routine CMS features, offers Social Media Marketing & SEO services!

Mobile App for Patients

DigiQure delivers unparalleled experience to its patients in finding the right doctor, booking appointments, maintaining records of your own EHRs and keeping up-to-date on health articles written by expert doctors thus making it a totally “patient-centric app” that helps doctors deliver what we call “Value Based Care''!

Our Ideology

"With cutting edge technology driven by innovative Artificial Intelligence & IoT, DigiQure envisions to reach remote India and help deliver best healthcare services at the bottom of the pyramid!"

Awesome Minds Behind DigiQure

Saket Asati

Co Founder

Saket is the Innovator and Industry Strategist. He has held quite a few high tech senior management positions in the USA for over 10 years.

Saket is serving as the Technical Director at DigiQure taking care of the product roadmap & development.

Akanksh Tandon

Co Founder

Akanksh is the Marketing Strategist at DigiQure. He brings vast experience in the field of marketing and defining sales strategies.

Akanksh was previously working in BHEL India but left his government job with grit to serve a bigger purpose.

Ankur Chaurasia

Co Founder

Ankur is the founder and CEO of DigiQure. Ankur has more than 10 years of experience in technology and is running all facets of the business.

Ankur is serving as THE Business Guide behind DigiQure.

We Couldn't Do It Without Them

Our team works diligently to incorporate the newest technological advancements and provide continuous updates to serve you with amazing user-friendly features

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