e-Receptionist - A Powerful Virtual Assistant


First Time in Central India

A Virtual Receptionist introduced by DigiQure as an extended service to the Clinic Management Software to help Doctors digitize their clinic completely.

Extravagant Service

crafted by DigiQure only to help our phenomenal Doctors manage their data and practice online

Auto Digitization

allowing doctors to maintain Digital Health Records, Follow-ups, Digital Prescriptions, and more

Next-Gen Practice

by enabling Doctors to transform their clinic without investing time in clinical administrative work

Services offered by e-Receptionist

To start with, the Virtual Assistant will help

Manage Bookings

Are you worried that your in-clinic receptionist will not be able to help you digitize your practice? Does the thought of managing patient appointments using a computer make you confused? 


Well, leave that on our e-Receptionist brought in service by DigiQure! Right from booking appointments, cancelling or rescheduling appointments through managing follow-ups, we’ve got you covered!

as well as

Manage Patient


Do you struggle with too much patient footfall? Does it overwhelm you when patients are waiting outside your checking area peeping in the room? Not anymore! Forget about managing patient queues. e-Receptionist will send in the next patient to your room! 

The Virtual Assistant will also

Record Digital

Always wished you had the digital health records to track a patient's history at any given time? What do you think e-Receptionist is for? 


With DigiQure Clinic Management System, there's no looking back. Sit back and enjoy the auto-digitization of your clinic with all medical health records at your fingertips with our very helpful e-Receptionist.

And even

Contact Patients for

Missing out on patient follow-ups? Do the patients visit once and never turn heads? 


Make patients for life with the virtual assistant helping you all the way! With DigiQure's power-packed technology, now it's easier than ever to manage follow-ups. Our e-Receptionist ensures you never have an outgoing patient with their extremely warm conduct.

Alongside, the virtual assistant will

Take Patient

Wish to know what your patients think of you & yet no time for collecting their feedback?


Let the virtual assistant help you retrospect using the DigiQure's Feedback Management feature. You can even share patients’ feedback on your social media and be popular across the country!

It will also

Make Routine
Checkup Calls

No time for keeping track of routine patients? Of course, it’s impossible for a single hand to handle so much of it!


DigiQure's intuitive system enables our Virtual Assistant help you with more patient footfall by making regular routine checkup calls to patients while giving them a personalised service. 

Not just that! It will

Wish Patients on
Special Days


What more than making someone’s day brighter by a simple wish in your name? Isn’t it beautiful to wish someone on their birthdays or anniversaries? Let our e-Receptionist help you wish your patients and add joy to the day!

How e-Receptionist Works?

In the clinics enabled with the e-Receptionist service, patients just need to scan the QR code to book an appointment with doctors. It’s as easy as it sounds for the patients too. e-Receptionist is a powerful concept brought to life by DigiQure which is bound to change the way clinics operate.

e-Receptionist is a very new and impressive concept by DigiQure. It's a good service as it helps me in my daily practice. Keep up the good work, team DigiQure!

Dr. Sandeep Singh Singh Dental Clinic, Jabalpur, M.P.

DigiQure's e-receptionist service is really amazing. It helps me stay connected to my patients.

Dr. Kriti Awasthi Rishi Dental Clinic, Jabalpur, M.P.

Totally fresh and awesome service by team DigiQure! Keep astonishing us with amazing features!

Dr. Nalin Saxena Nirmal Dental Care, Jabalpur, M.P.

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