A word on Oral Cancer!

Symptoms of oral cancer are commonly mistaken for less serious conditions, such as a toothache or mouth sore. Even if seemingly gentle symptoms persist, you should consult your doctor. With the consistent increase in the occurrences of Oral Cancer nowadays, it is important to know the common symptoms and early signs of the disease.
Mouth cancer refers to cancer that develops in any part of the mouth (oral cavity).

- If a blister or a lump is not healing for than 15 days then it can be a symptom of cancer.
- A reddish or white patch inside your mouth can also be an early sign of cancer.
- Difficulty in opening mouth can be an alarming call.
- Painful swallowing or lump in mouth that pains.

Dr. Nalin Saxena explains how to be aware of any signs of oral cancer and when is it an alarming call to see your dentist.

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