Catching COVID-19 from Food?

With months of sustaining Covid-19 crisis, we still have concerns about the new normal lifestyle we have adopted. One of them being the concern of visiting grocery stores for shopping. But health experts opine that once you are out of a store and get your groceries home, you’re in a safe zone, thus one can be assured that food itself isn’t a threat.

In support of this, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with the World Health Organization (WHO) reportedly said that there lies no evidence affirming that people could develop COVID-19 from eating and handling of food. To support this study, CDC report suggested that 23 states who reported COVID-19 outbreaks via meat and poultry processing facilities, were actually attributed to the working conditions, such as no social distancing within co-workers, common transportation to the workplace and their living in congregate housing.

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