1. Always wear MASK when you are out of your home.

2. Always maintain distance (Social Distancing).

3. Avoid crowded areas, shops, mall.

4. Anyone can be covid patient -- they may have symptoms or they may not have symptoms.

5. Maintain distance especially from those whom you know because we tend to lower our guard (read remove mask, social distance) with them.

6. Don't eat outside or avoid eating outside. If not possible bring home and cook or reheat the food and then eat.

7.Wash your hands frequently. Don't touch your face, nose, eyes.

8.You can use Soap (any soap) and Water or Sanitizer. Sanitizer should be alcohol based (at least 70%). Thoroughly wash your hands before and after every work.

9. Maintain hydration - drink plenty of water (simple water).

10. Take Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C.

11. Vaccine is far away. Even if it's become available "AAPKA TIME KAB AAYEGA" nobody knows. That's why AVOID.

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