Masks are made of tightly woven fibres, which favour photoprotection. The combination of these masks and sunglasses covers almost the entirety of face. In this era of COVID-19, when everyone is donning a mask, patients with these disorders are becoming more confident in wearing them.

For general population also, masks are aiding in slowing down photoaging and preventing dryness, coarsening, laxity, deep wrinkling, dyspigmentation, premalignant and malignant lesions.

Unfortunately in some, masks may induce certain skin conditions. Since masks can be made from different materials such as polypropylene, cotton, silk, chiffon, they may cause contact dermatitis in some patients. Wearing them tightly and for extended durations can cause occlusive acne. This can be prevented by periodically taking off the mask and cleaning the area with a gentle cleanser to prevent blockage of pores.

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