Mental Health

World Mental health day
Just to remind the netizens as to mental health is as important as eating food everyday. Brain doesn't demand anything more than to
1. Regular exercise for its oxygenation.
2. Talking to friends and family thereby exploiting the 'social animal' tag.
3. Switching off the cellphone at least one hour a day.
4. Identify dark corners around you and refraining from falling prey to it.
5. Focus. May in form of hobby, special interest, crafting , outdoor sports etc.
6. No to alcohol / cigarettes / marijuana etc to reach the pseudo high.

Let's not give in for the lows and hit hard for the highs or best is to maintain a steady state.

#be prepared for the worst and hope for the best# sums all of it...should be the strategy.
Note: issued in public interest.

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