Telemedicine  - Change during and after COVID-19

When we look in the future after the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a chance to explore the role of Telemedicine in routine patient care.
Telemedicine will enhance patient safety and efficiency, as well as change the way we treat patients.

Telemedicine has been able to increase access and reduce healthcare costs. Instead of pushing most patients and clinicians into a remote delivery model, as we had during the pandemic, we should use Telemedicine strategically where it is most suitable.

Telemedicine can provide important help for the doctor’s practice by streamlining its work and making it easier for patients to visit.

Recently, India’s Government has initiated the NDHM when a COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the world. The main feature is that NDHM issues a health ID for residents. Such an ID makes the use of health care significantly easier. The Covid-19 pandemic is constructive feedback to speeding up these methods.

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