Top Hair Loss Prevention Methods

The reason for hair loss could be many including genes, hormones and other lifestyle changes including your diet. Constant hair fall could lead to baldness. It is caused due to many factors such as age, stress, bad eating habits, improper sleep, etc.

There are few miraculous ways that works wonder for treating thinning of hair:
1. Massaging scalp with essential oils
2. Eating right, avoiding junk and spicy food
3. Taking proper sleep
4. Following healthy lifestyle like walking & exercising regularly
5. Proper intake of proteins, vitamins & minerals

If you are still suffering from hair loss, you can opt for hair transplant surgery. In this surgery, a surgeon will dissect out small, individual follicular units and transplanted to areas of thinning or balding. To know about the costs, procedure and detailed treatment, book your appointment today.

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