Effects of Tobacco Use on Oral Health

Here we’ll talk about tobacco effects on our oral health. Some of the common oral health issues are as follows:
- Bad Breath
- Tooth Discoloration
- Gum Diseases
- Lowered Success Rate of Dental Implants
- Increased Chances of Developing Oral Cancer

Here’s how you can overcome this habit:
- Make a plan to quit the habit
- Stay busy
- Exercise
- Movie or dinner with non-smoking friends and family
- Walk
- Chew gum
- Take deep breaths
- Drink lots of water
- Stay positive
- Ask for help from family and friends

Stay away from triggers:
- Get rid of cigarettes, lighters, and ash trays or anything that remotely reminds you of tobacco.
- Caffeine can make you jittery. Avoid it, try drinking water instead.
- Rest well and eat healthy.

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