MEDITATION : A creative path of wellness!

Remember that to master something you need to take that first step to start. Take the following steps to start meditating, and do it the right way!

- Find a quiet spot and sit or lie down. Make sure you are in a comfortable and stable position.
- Next, set a time limit. Initially, you can go for ten minutes or less.
- Start breathing slowly, deeply, and follow your breath— in and out.
- Observe. If your mind starts wandering (which it will, initially), try bringing it back. Do it gently by returning your focus to your breath.
- Repeat. Do this for as long as the time goes off. Breath, let your mind wander and bring it back with love and patience.
- Open your eyes gently, look around and notice the environment, how you feel, and what you think.
Lastly, thank yourself for doing this for yourself.

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