Piezoelectric Oral Surgery: to brighten your smile!

The use of piezo surgery in the dental sciences include treating cavities and sores in teeth and gums. During this procedure, a thin circular blade is used to cut through the affected area, reducing the bacterial infection and pain significantly.

With traditional approaches, patients have to endure long recovery periods and endure a number of side effects prior to being able to return to normal and function. In addition, traditional approaches do not always lead to the desired results; sometimes even leaving unsightly scars. Recent advances in this field have made it possible to conduct piezo laser surgery without any unsightly scars. Dent-O-Care is the only dental clinic to use this advanced technique in Bhopal.

By selectively cutting a small slice of the patient’s bone, selective cutting is achievable for many different ultrasonic frequencies only working in specific soft tissue regions (mineralized).

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