Piezoelectric Oral Surgery and Dental Implants

Piezoelectric Surgery is an innovative method for selective soft tissue surgeries. By selectively cutting a small slice of the patient’s bone, selective cutting is achievable for many different ultrasonic frequencies only working in specific soft tissue regions (mineralized). This technique allows the dentist to perform a very precise surgical procedure with minimal unneeded tissue accumulation and post-operative infection risk.

What is the use of Piezoelectric Surgery?

Ultrasonic assisted cutting resurfacing techniques were initially developed for use in the dental profession to aid in the repair of dental crowns. In recent years, many people have experienced dramatic success with ultrasonic assisted atraumatic cutting procedures for a variety of purposes including jaw surgery and maxillofacial surgery. 

With traditional approaches, patients have to endure long recovery periods and endure a number of side effects prior to being able to return to normal and function. In addition, traditional approaches do not always lead to the desired results; sometimes even leaving unsightly scars. Recent advances in this field have made it possible to conduct piezo laser surgery without any unsightly scars. Dent-O-Care is the only dental clinic to use this advanced technique in Bhopal

The use of piezo surgery in the dental sciences include treating cavities and sores in teeth and gums. During this procedure, a thin circular blade is used to cut through the affected area, reducing the bacterial infection and pain significantly.

What about the Piezoelectric devices?

What about the Piezoelectric devices?

Piezo tip devices have revolutionized the field of dentistry and are now commonly used in dental practices around the country. These instruments have great cutting efficiency, which makes it especially useful for applications that focus on healing. The use of a thin, light and highly efficient cutting tool allows for accurate and effective bone healing. However, because these instruments are made of synthetic materials, their shape can cause some discomfort. 

Piezoelectric unit devices are used in dental x-ray machinery for the measurement of the pressure change that occurs due to sliding forces and dynamic tension. The force change provides information about the soft tissue structures and the mechanical properties of these tissues. Dentists use piezoelectric units for dental treatment methods such as teeth grinding, root planning, jaw line repositioning, crown lengthening, dental veneers and teeth whitening.

Another method in dental application is called piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling. This method is ideal for use with soft tissues like the hand piece face profiles. The process involves applying a very high frequency electromagnetic field across the surface of a tissue sample, excite the tissue and then reduce the size of this excitation area relative to the applied scale. 

This scaling action permits the creation of very thin film superstructures of dental materials. These devices are called “magneto strictive ultrasonic scaffold systems.” By using a combination of these methods, a dental technician can create a large variety of different thicknesses and surface textures.

Many leading dental implant manufacturers like Metron, Acteon and Woodpecker are offering professional piezoelectric units. To find them, search online for your chosen implant provider. Speak to your dental care provider today about the many benefits of using high quality precision instrumentation and handpieces such as these precision instrumentation and prior tips

People should go for this advanced treatment to have the best experience. Also the dentists should upgrade to this treatment and offer their patients a world class treatment.

Dentists should be careful when using these types of instruments, especially those designed to be used on soft tissues, as they have the potential to induce swelling or blisters in patients if not used properly.