Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaling

Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaling is ideal for use with soft tissues like the hand piece face profiles. The process involves applying a very high frequency electromagnetic field across the surface of a tissue sample, excite the tissue and then reduce the size of this excitation area relative to the applied scale. 

This scaling action permits the creation of very thin film superstructures of dental materials. These devices are called "magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaffold systems". By using a combination of these methods, a dental technician can create a large variety of different thicknesses and surface textures.

Ultrasonic assisted cutting resurfacing techniques were initially developed for use in the dental profession to aid in the repair of dental crowns. In recent years, many people have experienced dramatic success with ultrasonic assisted atraumatic cutting procedures for a variety of purposes including jaw surgery and maxillofacial surgery.

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