Running and body shaping - primary muscles you use while running

Understanding how each muscle works may help you improve your running form, technique, and performance.

Core muscles:
Located in your torso and pelvis, your core muscles connect your upper body to your lower body. A strong core helps to maintain proper posture, balance, and form while running. It can also help to properly align your spine, pelvis, and lower body.

Hip flexors:
Located at the front of your hips, right above your thighs, the hip flexors help with pelvic and spinal stabilization. While running, you use these muscles when you flex your knee and leg up toward your body, as well as when you move your legs forward.

Located in your buttocks, the glutes also help to maintain stability in your torso so you can maintain proper posture. This helps to ensure alignment in your spine, knees, and feet.

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