Symptoms of diabetes-related eye disease

Often at the initial stage, there are no symptoms of diabetes-related eye disease. You don’t feel any pain and there is no change in your vision. In the initial period, the damage inside your eyes begins to increase, especially in diabetic retinopathy.

Some of the symptoms can be:
- Blurry or wavy vision
- Vision that changes frequently
- Visibility or loss of vision in dark areas
- The colors are not displayed correctly
- Spots or black wires
- If you experience any of these problems, contact your eye doctor.

Managing diabetics properly is the best way to prevent vision loss. If you have diabetes, be sure to go to an ophthalmologist at least once a year to have your eyes tested, even if your eyesight is good.

Diabetic retinopathy can get worse during pregnancy, so if you’re pregnant, your doctor may recommend additional eye tests during your pregnancy. If your vision suddenly changes or becomes blurry or macular, contact your eye doctor immediately.

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