Budget friendly diet tips!

In this article Dr. Dipti Bhargava shares some wise insights on how one can create a healthy diet plan even after being on a budget:
- Here she suggests on comparing foods in local market as well as supermarkets, sometimes foods at supermarket can also be more cost effective.
- Instead of eating expensive healthy food such as avocados and kale, turn to organic, local fruits, vegetables, pulses and whole grains, which are more easily available.
- Try and eat seasonal foods, because if not more, they are even cheaper and just as nutritious. Include in your diet eggs and local seafood or freshwater fish.
- Peanuts, bananas, curd bowls, are delicious items that hold you fresh, without burning your pocket.
- Instead of bagged chips and other packaged snacks, crunch an ounce of nuts. For only a slight difference in calories, you get protein, healthy fats and fiber.

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