Children & Obesity!

Obesity control is, in theory, energy balance (eat less and exercise more). However, because of frequent relapses, treatment can be challenging and exhausting in practice. In India, at least one out of every ten urban middle-class children is overweight.

Lifestyle Approach

Healthy Eating Patterns: Instead of ‘dieting,’ the emphasis should be on nutrition. It’s important to maintain standard diets’ balanced components (i.e. micronutrient-dense foods) while avoiding energy-dense fatty and salty foods (e.g. pre-packaged snacks).

Increase Physical Activity Levels: The WHO recommends at least 30 minutes of cumulative moderate exercise (equivalent to walking briskly) for all ages; plus for children, an additional 20 minutes of vigorous exercise, three times a week (WHO report 2003).

Decrease Sedentary Behavior: Chief sedentary behaviors are television (should be restricted to no more than 2 hours a day), computer, telephone conversations and importantly tution classes.

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