How to be healthy while traveling

Travel plans alone can bring a great deal of stress to the body, rendering it weak. The best defense against disease is to train the body for a healthy immune system.

Make sure to take care of the following before travelling:
- SLEEP: The immune system is sluggish when the body is deprived of sleep, thus, sleeping for a full 8 hours a night is recommended to maintain an optimum level of safety.
- What Should You Pack? : Healthy snacks include high protein foods such as mixed fruits and nuts, dry fruits, and granola bars.
- What Should You Avoid? : Try to avoid eating from Local Street vendors, as they are often deep-fried, hygienic and very unhealthy.
- What Should You Look For? : If you’re travelling by train or air, look for non-fat foods such as peas, pasta, or vegetable dishes.

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