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Whiteheads: How to Heal with Ayurvedic Treatments

Welcome back! This is the right place if you’re seeking for best Ayurvedic treatments related to skin problems. This is a blog series where we are covering the below topics: Sebaceous Whiteheads Blackheads Papules Pustules Nodules We discussed Sebaceous Acne in our last blog. The next topic we will cover in this blog series is Whiteheads and how to …

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Hyperpigmentation: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and more

Hyperpigmentation refers to the discoloration of the skin. Skin pigmentation is the most common issue among males and females, wherein the skin becomes darker, often in patches. Hence, one gets an uneven skin tone. There’s no question that skin is important to all of us. Skin tone doesn’t matter, but having clear skin is always …

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