COVID-19: Lockdown retrospection and future

Corona, a global virus that kept us confined in our homes for months has already reorienting our relationship with the outside world. But crises like these also led us to seek new opportunities like the use of technology, less polarization and life’s simple pleasures.


Firstly let us talk on how India proved to be an impressive model to implement measures changing the lifestyle of its 1.3 billion citizens. Statistics have shown a relative comparison worldwide wherein India’s fight against the Covid-19 outbreak has been distinctive. Clampdowns had been imposed in India much earlier than in many countries which failed to contain the spread of the virus. The Indian government had announced a number of preventive measures to minimize the entry and spread of coronavirus such as introducing the Aarogya Setu mobile app for contact tracing and educating citizens about coronavirus.

Aarogya setu

We have a way ahead of us wherein the objective is to ‘flatten’ the curve so that there is slower growth in cases, or spreading out the number of cases over a longer period of time by enforcing prevention methods so that the steep mountain of cases is ‘flattened’ into a more gentle hillock.

With two months into quarantine life, it’s hard to remember a time before COVID-19. The virus has touched all aspects of our lives, and it’s hard to see how its impact won’t ripple into the future. But there is light at the end of this coronavirus tunnel. The COVID-19 saga will undoubtedly come to an end.

In the present scenario, the effective exit strategy states there is no demarcation of zones like before whereas the containment zones with active cases shall continue practicing lockdown. Except medical shops, all the stand-alone shops are allowed to be open from 07:00hrs to 20:30hrs following a night curfew between 21:00hrs to 05:00hrs. However, the shops at a densely populated market are to be open as per the roster prepared for these areas, that asserts the opening of one third shops in that particular market at a particular time-interval. Private offices are allowed to start functioning with 50% of the staff and schools and colleges to remain closed. Nonetheless, 12th exams to be held as per the new schedule. An odd-even system to be used in schools after opening. Cinema halls to remain closed till further order, even so, the malls, the hotels and religious places to open from June 8, 2020. Further, the industries have been allowed to function with 50% of their capacities. With the series of lockdowns and all the restrictive movements it brought along; maybe it is time we start to adapt to the new normal.

“Paradigm shift” is a term most applied in this pandemic considering all the changes it inculcated in our lifestyle. It has shifted focus on healthcare delivery. Further virtual platforms allowed us to have the experiences we want even if we were isolated, quarantined or alone. For years, telemedicine, teleconsultations and electronic record-keeping that seemed to be a luxury are now going to be a necessity. The importance of digital health solutions was made clear during these challenging times. They are handy options to bring healthcare to patients, rather than the other way round. These eliminate doctor-patient visits whenever it’s avoidable.

Since the beginning of March this year, when the pandemic hit India, team DigiQure has been active in ensuring that they do their bit. We kept on updating, revamping and streamlining our services so that all the Doctors with us continue their noble duties. So much so that for a good duration during this time, DigiQure has also provided all its services for free. Thus, if we contemplate the dynamics so far, we only plan to grow to the fore from here only to serve you better with even more exciting offers. Stay tuned till then. 

DigiQure Features and COVID lockdown offer

It’s two months into this pandemic and we already want to skip this year. Coronavirus has caused a lot of damage with its lockdown and the standstill it brought along with it for us as a community. The pandemic came with shattering effects on the economy, the real estate sector, the travel and hospitality industry and healthcare sector. It resulted in reduced availability of essential goods and the restrictions on travelling. The lockdown evocatively has had a disastrous impact on the hospitality sector, especially for hotels. Nevertheless, speculations say that the occupancy in India is going to be very low, that the hotels will have to either shut down or run in a very limited manner. With all the schools and colleges being shut down it has also impacted the education system, even though online classes are being held but those from financially weaker sections fear an uncertain future with no laptops or internet facilities. The disconnectedness of lockdown has also given rise to mental health issues among the older population. The daily wagers and migrant laborers have been left to rags with no source of income and no buffer of savings. Lastly let’s not forget to mention the vulnerability and risk our healthcare professionals and the police have faced with the frustration they went through round the clock working for the masses.

It is not easy to stand strong against this global pandemic, especially when we as a community are surrounded by its negatives from all sides. But as we all know crisis moments also present opportunities and this one has a silver lining to it as well. The lockdown gave us time for our families and gave us a new perspective to practise hygiene. It also emphasised on remote working without physical presence in offices and also helped reduce the carbon footprint. The most important of all is it made us realise how our healthcare professionals and police working on the frontline have risked their lives for our safety. The present scenario will pay dividends in future by preparing us for any such instances in future. 

what next

As the end note we would say that every coin has two faces and with bad comes good. Countries worldwide are still fighting this pandemic race and even though the battle seems hard and long we shall overcome it by focusing on the brighter side. One such news being finding the vaccine for the coronavirus has become a public priority and several pharmaceutical companies and researchers across the world are rigorously working for it. Some of them being Moderna Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has already begun Phase-I human testing of its mRNA-1273 at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals of Tarrytown of New York, is working on an antibody treatment that uses the virus itself⁽¹⁾.  It is easy to get sucked in this endless road of despair but we need to try to pull through and rise stronger than ever.

We will get back to our lives and visit the great outdoors. But that life will be significantly different. Moreover, reaching that point will depend on our current actions. We must respect social distancing measures and reduce the spread of the disease. Only then will we experience the post-pandemic world.

So all and all we would say that here onwards, “Stay physically distant but socially connected!