5 ways to transform the experience of a tele-health patient

Patient Experience is now the number one factor when selecting a healthcare provider. This makes telemedicine an attractive option as providers continue to expand their services. How to improve the patient experience as more providers launch telemedicine service lines? Does a variety of e-health programs hold the quality customers? Patient demand is pushing health care services across central India to adapt to telemedicine

Today, nine out of ten healthcare organizations are providing telehealth. It is in reaction to the increasing reality of high costs and shortages of suppliers and customer demand. The recent opening of telemedines centres in central India also state that patients are more positive about telemedicine.  
Nowadays people prefer to select a healthcare provider that offers telemedicine over others that does not offer this service. Thus it is very clear that patients wants this technology.

A recent launch of DigiQure telehealth center where specialist doctors of SagarBhopal, and Jabalpur will offer their services or another successful running center at Udaipura is proof that people want to opt this technology.

Good patient experience raises patient volume

The main reason behind moving towards consumerism and improving patient service is that patient spending out-of-pocket on health continues to rise. 

Technology improves understanding

Comfort and accessibility are essential aspects of patient care. Telehealth can also have a positive effect on other variables affecting clinical experiences. For example, waiting to see a doctor is likely to be very short on telehealth. The advantage for doctors is that they can track how many patients are in the virtual waiting room, which reveals how long they have been there. The environment is less stressful for patients who are at home and may perform certain activities.

Extended Patient Access

Telehealth providers are expanding access to areas beyond our country. Individuals living in further outlying areas can have regular visits and follow-up checks without getting in the way. As a result, more patients learn and enjoy healthcare services. At the same time, the organization is increasing its market and producing higher, longer-term profits. 

Motivated patients with skills

Today patient’s wants to have the access of their complete health details. Participants agreed that more information would help them to improve their experience. The tele-health support system allows the efficient exchange of information between physicians and patients. With innovative solutions such as DigiQure Patient App, now doctors can communicate quick tips through health-feeds. 

Introduction of quality control process

Good customer experience shows quality control and contributes to program sustainability. The introduction of a measurement and quality control process in tele-health programs would increase the probability of contributing and promoting patient-centered care.

How is telehealth making patient experience better?

Reasons for patient preference for telemedicine are: 

  • comfort
  • time savings
  • financial savings
  • increased access to treatment. 

And while telehealth can provide more efficient access to treatment, the quality of contact and care do not seem to be affected. Several studies have shown no variation in the level of communication between the patient and the physician. 

How do you make use of telehealth visits for patient experiences and satisfaction surveys?

It will drive attempts to enhance care at the health centre, benefiting both patients and staff in many ways. Positive experiences with patients boost care commitment and focus. Research shows that patients with good experience are likely to: 

  • engage in prevention and disease control care services
  •  stick to medical –  intervention and treatment plans
  • achieve better health outcomes.

Consumers today, including those in the health sector, have strong expectations. And dealing with these standards can be difficult for busy health care providers with minimal resources.

Yet, the importance of patient experience will only continue to grow in the current reform-driven healthcare environment. It means that providers have to find out innovative methods to keep their patients happy.