Tips for starting a fitness journey

It can be challenging to break out once people fall into a specific set of habits. They follow a tried and tested routine that they have always practiced. When someone thinks about beginning a fitness journey, they think it jeopardizes their everyday routine. They think their whole life would be scrapped, causing confusion and discomfort. This is why they see fitness as not their cup of tea.

Key tips on fitness journey:

  • First, go for small changes
  • Develop a picture in mind
  • Find something that you want
  • Being Practical
  • Setting a Goal
  • Don’t think before asking questions.
  • Think about having a fitness-partner
  • Know that your happiness first comes.
  • Try to do something special every day.

In reality, you can easily blend your fitness journey with a daily routine with a few minor tweaks. It’s not as hard as you think, and the positive results outweigh any adverse effects that arise.

In this post, we will discuss some of the best tips for making a successful start to your fitness journey and ensuring its success.

the best tips for making a successful start to your fitness journey and ensuring its success

First, go for small changes.

Do not try to make the big changes overnight. Take small baby steps by selecting three small things that wish to change in your daily life. It can be like:

  • Drink 8 cups of water every day to be fit
  • Go for 15 min walk daily to be healthy
  • You can try “Intermittent Fasting” to lose weight

Yeah, it can be just that easy. You will see and recall your list anywhere. If you have spent a few weeks adhering to these patterns, you will see minor changes in your daily routine.


Develop a picture in mind

Consider the weights you want to carry, the distance you want to run, or the time that you want to reach a certain distance in the performance goals. About your routines, how many days you want to go to the gym, how many meals you want to eat, your sleeping habits, and ways to relax.


Find something that you want

Do you love sports? Search for an adult league in the area. Want to lift heavy stuff? Strength training may be your option! Do you want to be outside? Take a stroll – literally!

There are so many classes and events to try. Start with something easy and fun to keep up with. Develop confidence to do something you want so you can try and push yourself out of your comfort zone along the way. Most gyms and training facilities offer great entertainment packages so that you can experience what they provide. 


Being Practical

How much do you want to lose if you want to slim down? The same goes for strength and muscle. It’s all fine and good to have these targets, but making them time-based means you have a timetable that you need to follow. It gives you more incentive and energy to accomplish them. Be honest about your lifestyle, time, how many days you should go to the fitness center, diet, and other factors.


Setting a Goal

It’s nice to have a goal in mind when we start the fitness trip that will get us through those difficult days. Focusing on SMART milestones will help keep you on the right road. Here is an example of a ‘Wise’ objective:

I want to lose 5 kg in 2 months. This is time-based, whereas I want to lose weight is an abstract one.


Don’t think before asking questions.

When people begin their fitness journeys, there is a lot to search for. It would be best if you never were afraid to seek help or what worked for other people. It might not work for you, but it’s worth a shot at least. You know at least what doesn’t work and what you can’t try again.

Setting a Goal

Think about having a partner

Working out with other people is far more fun. So you have someone to rejoice when you’re good, and someone to take you when you’re struggling. Your workout ride can be rocky, but someone by your side will be easier to manage.

You might even think of investing in a personal trainer/wellness coach. Personal coaches are simply experts, whose task is to ensure that you excel. Having a partner gives you a reason to socialize, which is vital for those who think they have to choose between their health and social life.

Fitness may also often become too much of a personal issue. It is understandable to want to keep some details for yourself, but time out to concentrate on yourself time and time again will take fitness away. 


Know that your happiness first comes

Finally, it would be best if you always considered what matters most in your life: your happiness and mental well-being. Do not think of trying to lose weight or change your look. Anything that makes you so unhappy will not be sustainable even if results are achieved, and we are only trying to achieve long-term results rather than fast fixes. You must enjoy the trip as much as possible – maybe even more!


Try to do something special every day

Any of the little items we sometimes assume are insignificant will ultimately result in a big result. Take the steps instead of the escalator and prefer to walk / cycle rather than drive, stand at your desk, not sit, etc. Often consider choosing the healthier alternative even if you want to gain weight.



Try to choose the route that will make you happier while also getting the results on your fitness journey. The best is not actually what gives you the results the earliest, but what gives you the long-lasting results.

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