Effects of Home Remedies

We’ve all seen a time when our grandma used to treat all issues at home. Such home remedies are still used in rural areas today as there is still a shortage of good hospitals and Physicians.

Do you know when a steaming hot soup bowl helped to relieve your cold? And when, in the interest of boosting muscle strength, newborn’s oil massage is done? We all know these indigenous remedies: Haldi doodh helps to heal wounds more quickly. The tulsi-adrak chai is helping to relieve a headache. How safe are they? 

Home remedies

Before the corona pandemic, people rely on allopathic medicine for quick treatment. But, today all peoples have understood the concept of immunity and how one can develop it with home remedies. All we need is expert advice because half knowledge is dangerous. 

Home remedies treatments can be done with simple things, such as honey, berries, herbs and natural oils. They can treat common ailments without side effects, but they must be used carefully.

five home remedies and logic behind using them.

We will discuss five home remedies and will try to explain the logic behind using them.

Treat cough by using Honey and ginger.

Ginger is a known cure for cough and sore throat when boiled in the water and then laid with honey. Ginger has antioxidants that help in getting rid of problems as it acts as a known suppressant of cough. It, together with honey, helps to reduce throat inflammation. Due to its high viscosity, the honey soothes the mouth.

Word of advice – Again, ginger-honey therapy offers symptomatic relief and limits. Diabetic people need to be attentive to the amount of sugar they consume as it may affect their sugar levels more than non-diabetics.

Oil treatment helps to strengthen the bones of children and boost their immunity.

It is understood that Mustard Oil is naturally moist. This removes the sweat glasses and softens the skin. The massage helps to improve the circulation of the blood. It soothes the child and makes sleeping easier for him/her.

Word of caution – Newborn babies skin needs extra care as their skin is delicate, thus should not use mustard oil to massage. The massages will begin at the age of at least one year.

Turmeric milk helps relieve pains and anxiety in the body and improves immunity in general.

Milk is a good protein source which helps heal wounds. Turmeric soothes the inflamed muscles with its anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains cur-cumin which is a powerful antioxidant and helps to fight the free radicals within the body that automatically improve the immune system.

Phrase of caution -Turmeric milk is successful, but only for non-serious wear and tear. The care needed to address a greater problem requires immediate treatment cannot be substituted. It can only be done in combination with any other scientifically proven therapies.

Soup helps to treat common cold and flu.

There is no proven cure for the common cold since the infection in our bodies has to run its course. The solution is just symptom-based medication for a common cold. And it can only ease the discomfort caused by cold. Antibiotics are not beneficial for the cold, since it’s an infectious illness.

Word of Caution – Soup offers you relief only from symptoms. In case if the symptoms do not go away even after 36 hours, then you need to visit a doctor, no matter how many bowls of soup you have had.

Have lemon juice with rock salt to get rid of stomach ache.

Rock salt in its purest form is much better than white salt. We should eat it as it helps indigestion. Rock salt is used to ease gas in the digestive tract and body when it is taken with lemon juice. This soothes the swollen stomach.

Word of caution – Rock salt and lemon juice only offer relief in mild situations. A severe gastroenteritis, should not be treated with home remedies. Heart and high BP patients should be careful because it is advised that they consume less salt.

lemon juice with rock salt to get rid

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the home remedies.


  • Natural and no side effect: home remedies are not only healthy for use but also for medicinal purposes, as natural medicine. This is a natural remedy that needs no chemical structure to be used healthily.
  • Total cure: Home remedies work with most of the problems. 
  • It’s low cost: home remedies treatment is ready for people from all walks of life and affordable.


  • It may be toxic: home remedies may sometimes be toxic in particular to people who react to the herbs used for medicinal use. A lot of expertise is needed to suggest these kinds of remedies.
  • In particular, it is not accessible to everyone in urban areas: All home remedies things cannot be accessible to everyone, especially those in the urban and in city areas.
  • It is not given in defined doses: It means it is somehow difficult to know when the dose is appropriate for which age group and so forth.

Some things to remember while attempting treatments at home:

It’s all right to handle at home (in the first stages): Common cold can be treated at home in the initial stages. But this should be achieved only when the cold is in its initial stages. When it’s terrible, see a physician.

Holding the dose in mind: The most common mistake made by peoples in using self-medication and home remedies is that they don’t track the amount of medicine. The dosage is always determined according to a person’s age and weight-adult or child. If the doctor is not available, you can reach to specialist care through tele-consultation using DigiQure.

Please take advice and recommendations from experts. 

Better safe than sorry, better safe than sorry!

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