DigiQure: At pediatric aid

One of the biggest decisions an Indian parent makes before the child is born, is to choose the right pediatricians for the baby. In today’s time it’s a customary practice for a parent to check the virtual footprint of the doctor, they are going to choose for their baby. Parents are delighted by the doctors having a completely transparent mode of information transfer regarding the healthcare of their child, which can only be brought by having modern cloud based technology such as DigiQure.

Some pediatricians have adopted electronic health records. Many of them are concerned about finding systems that meet their needs, and very few use EHRs which are both fully functional and pediatric-friendly⁽¹⁾. This is because pediatricians are doctors who manage the health of a child, including physical, behavior, and mental health issues. They see a child many times from birth to age 2 and once a year from ages 2 to 5 for “well-child visits.” 

Team IOTA Informatics has observed all dynamics of the situation, pediatric doctors go through and has developed this very intuitive and user friendly product that stands strong on all kinds of clinic management issues that a doctor encounters. This product is DigiQure and it takes care of all the clinic management issues such as, 

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Creating digital prescriptions (includes all parameters such as complaints, diagnosis, medicines, investigations, etc.)
  • Storing unlimited case-relevant pictures. 
  • Instructions and SMSs in Hindi.
  • Cash inflow reports, Patient footfall reports, Prescribed medicinal reports etc.

and much more customizable user defined features.


Vaccination programs and policies have greatly reduced the burden of a number of diseases. For example, polio grows closer to complete eradication, with no more new cases in India and Nigeria’s last case in 2016⁽²⁾. Thus, vaccinations are a significant and viable foundation of preventive medical care. Increasing use of technological advancements such as DigiQure by both patients and doctors, present critical opportunities to use this tool to improve vaccination rates and thereby public health equity. 

In the development of DigiQure, we saw how different specializations would need a very field specific approach and thus for pediatricians we have vaccinations tab as that is how pediatric-doctors would get their long term clientele. Vaccinations tab has it all covered for you to maintain the vaccination records of those little ones.


We saw how pediatricians have a certain type of repetitive clients. The toddlers and children have a very typical pattern of medicines and test suggestions to be given to children of certain age-groups. To save time and hassles of writing these recurring prescriptions we have incorporated a very useful feature called template. With this added customizable feature of templates, pediatricians can add numerous of their own templates according to the kind of clientele they serve.  

Patients’ side

For a pediatrician, it’s equally important to be able to connect to the parents just like they connect with their little ones. We took care of this and made a counterpart of DigiQure i.e. DigiQure Patients’ mobile app.  

With the application of DigiQure Patients’ mobile app now pediatricians can directly 

  • Share prescription pictures, these prescriptions can have instructions in Hindi.
  • Parents can directly book an appointment, so that the little ones does not have to wait at the clinic when sick or even at the times of periodic “well-child visits” 
  • Communicate any recommendations and suggestions for the kids according to hour’s need 

There are times when pediatricians would want to arrange health checkup camps for the clientele to spread awareness and the good word of mouth in the masses. At times they would want to send certain health tips for the kids, to maintain the connection that they have with the parents; and ultimately maintain and increase the footfall. Even for this DigiQure is at your aid, we have a very unique and useful feature i.e.  Bulk SMS. With this you can shoot a number of SMS to all of your clientele informing them about all of your campaigns or even of those general health tips for the little ones.

IOTA Informatics thrives to improve the quality of healthcare delivery, increases patient safety, decreases medical errors, and strengthens the interaction between patients and healthcare providers. The purpose of DigiQure is to provide better care for patients and help achieve health equity. This can be done by understanding patterns and drawing analysis out of the numerous cases doctors serve. This can be done by pediatricians very vividly using DigiQure’s Reports feature. With this you have all reports readily available for you in a variety of bar graphs and pie charts, that you can directly export to excel. These reports can also be used phlegmatically for those paper presentations, as you have created them authentically over the course of time with the sample size being your own clientele.

So, what we need to think strategically is about the healthcare industry and analyse the dynamics of potential options in it. DigiQure is a platform that facilitates this process on bringing about a change in making the healthcare industry digitalised. It would be interesting to bystand all the positive changes DigiQure brings in the world of healthcare.