Tips to prevent the Common Winter Complaints…

With a noticeable chill in the air, we can officially say that the winter time of the year is here and to last for long! It is the season to enjoy the seasonal delicacies, festivals and go on vacations. While we plan to be all prepared to enjoy these colder days, we cannot ignore the way this season has a harsh side to it as well. We all know that with winter comes various illnesses affecting our wellbeing. Here are some tips to prevent common winter complaints.

An unexpected drop in temperature carries with it various medical problems, for example arthritis, heart disorders and so on. In any case, the colder time of year is an ideal opportunity to pay special attention to skin-related illnesses and respiratory contaminations too.

Preventive measures on Common Winter Ailments: 

  1. Common Cold:

This ailment is extremely normal and we are accustomed to overlook it as something that is an effect of the seasonal temperature change. Indications of a typical common cold incorporate signs such as a sensitive throat, chest clogging, headache, sneezing, runny nose, etc. Affecting both grown-ups and youngsters in a similar manner, common cold requires complete rest for two or three days and doesn’t require any serious medication.

Preventive method:

It is ideal to rest, eat home cooked food and drink plentiful liquids to get over this medical problem. 

  1. Flu:

While this problem is definitely not as serious affecting our well being like the common cold, ignoring it is a completely wrong way to deal with it. Flu is an infectious respiratory disease brought about by a virus that is commonly known by the name ‘influenza’. It tends to be mild or serious as well. Similar to the common cold, the flu also shows signs such as body pain, sore throat, fever, migraines, etc. which are reason enough to hamper your winters. 

Prevent method:

  1.     Maintain respiratory hygiene, by washing your hands often to eliminate the influenza virus and germs.
  2.     Keep your mouth covered with your hands/handkerchief when you sneeze or cough.
  3.     Maintain distance from someone suffering from cold.
  4.     Exercise every day for better immunity. 
  1. Strep Throat:

A sensitive throat is irritating and painful, however a strep throat is more annoying! A strep throat is an extreme version of a sore throat along with fever resulting due to infection. It is brought about by a bacterial infection and is normally observed among kids. Common signs of strep throat include trouble while gulping food or water, headache, swollen lymph nodes, fever, etc.

Prevent Method:

  1.     Counsel a specialist immediately.
  2.     Rest well
  3.     Drink warm water 
  1. Bronchitis:

Youngsters or babies below the age of 2 years commonly fall prey to Bronchitis. Bronchitis is a respiratory disease brought about by RSV or the respiratory syncytial virus. The side effects of bronchitis include trouble in breathing because of the inflammation of the airway passage in the lungs due to being clogged. Patients of bronchitis experience mild fever, clog of the nasal passage, sneezing and coughing. 

Prevent Method:

  1.     Get enough rest
  2.     Sleep more
  3.     Remain hydrated 
  1. Pneumonia:

Pneumonia is another lung infection which commonly is accompanied with the winter season. An illness brought about by bacteria, it can be both mild or extreme in nature which implies that if it is gentle in nature, it can be possibly treated at home however if it gets serious, hospitalization is suggestable.

Individuals having weak resistance power/immunity or medical problems like asthma, heart issues or cancer are more inclined towards suffering from pneumonia. Sadly, this infection is hard to identify in the early stages, but if the patient encounters consistent cold or high fever, it is ideal to visit a specialist. 

Prevent Method:

  1.     Wash your hands after you use the washroom.
  2.     Exercise regularly.
  3.     Eat good food, seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  4.     If you smoke, stop it immediately.

Winter Skin Ailments: 

Along with respiratory issues, winter brings a large number of skin problems such as itching, flaring of eczema, etc. The most basic and simple skincare necessity for this season is to keep the skin moisturized.

The most widely recognized skin illnesses in winter are flaky, irritant skin, dehydrated skin, UV damaged and chapped lips. Unbeknownst to many, you should always wear sunscreen before you step out.


Instructions to Prevent Winter Skin Problems:

  1.     Remain hydrated inside out, i.e. eat well, drink abundant liquids and moisturize yourself.
  2.     For flaky skin, use an exfoliator to remove dry skin and avoid using soaps with high PH value.
  3.     Also, don’t scrub yourself dry after a shower.
  4.     In case you have dried lips, use products with vitamin A and E. Also, moisten your lips with cool water before you apply any lip product for best outcomes.
  5.     Try not to bath by extremely high temp water as it will prompt dry patches on your skin.
  6.     Utilize a natural cleanser and a heavy moisturizer.


Having said that, have you ever wondered why we become sick in winters? 

The reasons are numerous but mostly because we let go ourselves as the chills in the air dominates the atmosphere. In addition, the season is difficult to work, tending us to sleep and eat even more than in general. One has to be truly influenced to try and go for a stroll. With the gyms being closed and so does the swimming or running it becomes even more difficult for one’s fitness schedules being maintained. Likewise, the winter is a period of merriment and weddings, resulting in escaping the eating routine with zero chance of burning the calories, simply piling them up. 

Absence of activities, sedentary lifestyle creates lack of working of the body, leading to accumulation of fat in the body. Fat cells can cause inflammation and deteriorate the immune system.